The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1819

Not earlier than 16.8.1819

Visits Johann Heinrich von Dannecker’s studio in Stuttgart.

Primary sources

  • Report dated 26.8.1819 in Leipziger Zeitung (documents the exact date of arrival in Stuttgart).
  • Thiele III, p. 9 (mentions that Thorvaldsen went to Dannecker’s studio almost immediately after his arrival in Stuttgart).
  • Passport dated 6.7.1819 issued by P.O. Brøndsted to Thorvaldsen (stamped and dated in Stuttgart on the day of departure 21.8.1819).
  • Travel expenses of July-October 1819 of J.L. Lund (the date can be deduced from this).

Other references

  • Christian von Holst: Johann Christian Dannecker, Der Bildhauer, Stuttgart 1987, p. 11.
  • H. G. Söderbaum (ed.), Jöns Jacob Berzelius, Själfbiografiska anteckningar, Stockholm 1901, p. 317 (from which it appears that the date of Thorvaldsen’s visit cannot have been before August 10).
  • Related Article: The Journey to Denmark, July-October 1819

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