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23.2.1795 Receives a visit from the portrait painter Hans Hansen in his home Åbenrå 13, Copenhagen.
Presumably June 1796 Commemorative pamphlet for Ole Johan Samsøe, drawing for engraved vignette in the magazine Thalia.
May 1804 - 24.3.1844 Residence in the Roman pension Casa Buti, 46 Via Sistina, first floor.
18.11.1805 Thorvaldsen’s close friend C.F.F. Stanley dies.
Not earlier than 9.7.1813 Leaves Rome heading for Montenero in the company of Herman Schubart. The dogs Perucca and Teverino are left in the care of Rudolf Schadow.
Completed not later than 25.10.1818 Minerva, Truth and Lie, A600.
Presumably 1.9. - 4.9.1819 Short stay in in Bad Ems. Meets Prince Christian (8.) Frederik for the first time.
9.10.1819 Tilbringer sandsynligvis aftenen i Friederike Bruns hjem i Bredgade, København.
8.11.1820 The floor in one of Thorvaldsen’s studios in Rome collapses. The original model of Ganymede with Jupiter’s Eagle, cf. A45, is smashed, and marble versions of Shepherd Boy, cf. A177 and Cupid Triumphant, cf. A22, are damaged.
1.8.1822 - 1844 Rents a stable in Palazzo Barbarini and fits up his large studio here.
10.9.1825 The brig St. Croix arrives in Copenhagen with 52 crates containing Thorvaldsen’s works of art.
Presumably 25.1.1827 Invited to buy the Roman Palazzo Giraud-Torlonia in Via della Conciliazione (formerly called Palazzo Castellesi).
Presumably 23.11.1835 Aftenselskab hos familien Puggaard. Møder her Constantin Hansen, der lige er ankommet til Rom.
12.5.1837 The Students’ Association performs a play for the benefit of the planned Thorvaldsens Museum. The performance takes place at Pettoletti’s Theatre in Vesterbro in København.
7.10.1838 Celebration in Thorvaldsen’s honour for 300 guests at the Hotel d’Angleterre in Copenhagen with songs, poems, speeches etc. by Adam Oehlenschläger, J.L. Heiberg, H.C. Andersen, H.P. Holst, Thomas Overskou, and N.F.S. Grundtvig.
19.11.1838 The pediment group for the facade of the cathedral of Copenhagen, John the Baptist Preaching, A59-A70, is unveiled. Installed by H.E. Freund.
22.11.1838 Kunstforeningen af 1825 (The Art Society of Copenhagen) arranges a competition for a painting with the subject: “Thorvaldsen’s Arrival and Reception at the Copenhagen Custom House”. The winner is Fritz Westphal’s Thorvaldsen’s Reception at the Custom House on September 17, 1838, B453.
April 1839 Christine Stampe møder Thorvaldsen hos sin svigerfamilie, Susette og J.F. Schouw på Charlottenborg. De aftaler, at han skal besøge Nysø.
23.6.1839 Trip to Jungshoved.
Presumably 28.11.1839 Returns to Nysø from København.
1.1.1840 The Genius of the New Year, A548.
Presumably 5.2.1840 Gathering in Borups Selskab.
12.2.1840 Gathering in Borups Selskab.
21.3.1841 Receives a visit from the painter C.W. Eckersberg, Lise and Jette Bagge, and the unidentified “Miss Baier”.
19.5.1841 Travels from Copenhagen to Nysø accompanied by Susette Schouw.
24.5.1841 Cupid and Psyche, Nysø47, also called “Goodbye to Nysø”.
29.5.1841 Arrival in Berlin.
April - May 1842 Besøg i Villa Wolkonsky hos Zinaida Volkonskaia.
7.11.1843 Er sandsynligvis til stede ved et mindre selskab hos Johanne Luise og J.L. Heiberg i København.
23.3.1844 Goes to meet the Crown Prince Frederik (7.), but he is not at home.
7.5.1844 Commemorated in a ceremony in the masonic lodges Friedrich zur gekrönten Hoffnung and Zorobabel til Nordstjernen in Copenhagen.
Middle of June 1844 Frederik Barfod’s anthology of Danish source texts on Thorvaldsen – Thorvaldsensk Album (A Thorvaldsen Album) is published.
6.10.1844 Fregatten Gefion sejler fra Livorno lastet med Thorvaldsens værker og ejendele fra hans dødsbo.
17.11.1844 Fregatten Gefion ankommer til København med nogle af Thorvaldsens værker og ejendele.