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26.5.1823 P.O. Brøndsted gets a loan of 2,000 Roman scudi from Thorvaldsen. By way of security, Thorvaldsen gets Brøndsted’s collection of Greek and Roman coins and a collection of books and manuscripts.
26.5.1825 - 23.6.1825 Hermann Ernst Freund visits Florence while waiting for the brig St. Croix to arrive at Leghorn.
26.5.1841 Takes leave of C.W. Eckersberg, G.F. Ursin, Carl Dahl, Henrik Stampe junior and C.F. Wilckens in Warnemünde.
24.5.1844 Memorial ceremony for Thorvaldsen in Studenterforeningen (The Students’ Association) in Copenhagen with music, poems, and speeches. The ceremony took place at the University.