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9.3.1813 Thorvaldsen’s daughter Elisa is born probably on the 9th of March, the day after his Roman Birthday.
13.3.1813 The daughter Elisa Sophia Charlotte is baptized in San Marcello al Corso, Rome.
1821 - 1844 The Italian draughtsman Leonardo Camia draws several of Thorvaldsen’s works for use in graphic reproductions.
15.1.1834 Thorvaldsen is about to fall from a scaffold during the modelling of the horse for the monument to Maximilian 1. (A128).
15.1.1840 Watches the funeral procession for Frederik 6. from a window at Charlottenborg with, among others, Christine Stampe.
Completed 15.1.1843 Genii enwreathe the Arts and Sciences, A610, prepatory work for A607.