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25.11.1799 The Academy of Fine Arts extends Thorvaldsen’s travel grant for another two years.
1.7.1802 Thorvaldsen’s travel grant from the Academy of Fine Arts officially expires.
25.11.1813 Dines at the house of the German officer Wilhelm Huth with the Danish architect Peder Malling, the German architect G.F. Hetsch and the Danish painter C.W. Eckersberg.
25.11.1814 Fanny Caspers and Thorvaldsen meet for the first time in the sculptor’s studio during Casper’s first visit to Rome.
5.11.1820 Arrives in Vienna, and lodges at the hotel Zum Erzherzog Karl in Kärntnerstrasse 31.
26.11.1820 Arrives at Wiener Neustadt. Stays overnight.
Visits St. George’s Church.
2.6.1823 Christian (8.) Frederik recommends H.W. Bissen to Thorvaldsen.
21.11.1838 Awarded honorary citizenship of Copenhagen at the city hall, cf. diploma N36. Later a celebration at The Royal Shooting Range.
Completed 25.11.1842 Three Genii, A153, after the device of Christian 4., executed at the suggestion of G.F. Hetsch.