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16.11. - 22.11.1796 En kraftig storm tvinger Thetis østpå, og først efter fire dage bliver det muligt at sejle tilbage mod Tripoli.
May 1804 - 24.3.1844 Residence in the Roman pension Casa Buti, 46 Via Sistina, first floor.
20.11.1805 In the evening, C.F.F. Stanley is buried in the Protestant cemetery in Rome. The grave is not known today.
Middle of September 1808 Jacqueline and Herman Schubart visit Rome and Thorvaldsen for a couple of months.
Middle of November 1808 Jacqueline and Herman Schubart leave Rome after two months’ stay.
21.11.1838 Awarded honorary citizenship of Copenhagen at the city hall, cf. diploma N36. Later a celebration at The Royal Shooting Range.
22.11.1838 Kunstforeningen af 1825 (The Art Society of Copenhagen) arranges a competition for a painting with the subject: “Thorvaldsen’s Arrival and Reception at the Copenhagen Custom House”. The winner is Fritz Westphal’s Thorvaldsen’s Reception at the Custom House on September 17, 1838, B453.
22.11.1839 Visits C.W. Eckersberg.
18.11.1870 Celebration of Thorvaldsen’s 100th birthday in the Exchange Hall in Stockholm.