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19.9.1796 Thetis passes Eddystone Lighthouse off Plymouth.
19.9.1805 Passes through the town of Acquapendente, ca. 130 km north of Rome.
21.9.1805 Arrives in Rome.
19.9.1810 Arrives at Florence.
19.9.1819 Passes Rendsburg.
19.9.1820 Arrives in Warsaw. Housed by Stanisław Mokronowski.
19.9.1820 Thorvaldsen’s arrival in Warsaw is celebrated by the members of the academy of art and the professors at the university.
1821 - 1844 The Italian draughtsman Leonardo Camia draws several of Thorvaldsen’s works for use in graphic reproductions.
Begun 6.10.1827 - presumably October 1831 Karoline von Rehfues, A861.
19.9.1838 For the first time since his return Thorvaldsen acts as director of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, at a meeting in the academy. A welcome speech is held by Just Mathias Thiele.
Shown Christen Christensen’s Thorvaldsen Medal, F13, which is to be awarded to artists as the highest appraisal of the Academy of Fine Arts.
19.9.1841 Celebration of Thorvaldsen’ return to Rome in Teatro Fiano, attended by international artists there. Thorvaldsen is carried in a torchlight procession to his home in Via Sistina.