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13.9. - 15.9.1796 Thetis lies off the isle of Portland in the English Channel.
Middle of September 1808 Jacqueline and Herman Schubart visit Rome and Thorvaldsen for a couple of months.
Middle of November 1808 Jacqueline and Herman Schubart leave Rome after two months’ stay.
15.9.1810 Passport stamped in Leghorn in order to begin the journey back to Rome.
15.9.1820 Arrives at Breslau (today Wrocław) and visits the Steffens family.
15.9.1838 The Rota lies to near Hammermøllen, north west of Elsinore.
14.9.1840 Accompanies Jens Arenholt Gottfred Hartmann and Wilhelm Matthiä to the Custom House, from where the steamboat to Lübeck leaves. The same evening in the Royal Theatre.
Presumably 15.9.1841 Is received in his workshop by his assistants. A bust of Thorvaldsen, crowned with a laurel wreath, is presented, and an unidentified assistant recites a poem in the sculptor’s honour.