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Presumably not later than 10.4.1804 Employs the marble carvers Camillo Landini and Peter Kaufmann in his studio. J.L. Lund supervises the studio while Thorvaldsen is away.
Not earlier than 9.7. - not later than 16.7.1804 Travels to the Schubart family at Montenero and arrives not later than 16.7.1804.
9.8.1838 The frigate Rota leaves Leghorn bound for Copenhagen, with Thorvaldsen and his travelling companions on board.
9.7.1839 From Copenhagen to Elsinore in the company of Christine Stampe, Henrik Stampe, Henrik Stampe, Holger Stampe-Charisius and Elise Stampe. Meets Christian Wulff and Henriette Wulff.
9.7.1839 Transfer to Helsingborg. Lunch in Ramlösa with Scanian dignitaries. From here via Höganäs to Kullen with the Stampe family. The party spends the night here.
10.7.1839 From Kullen via a visit to count Carl De Geer (1781–1861) at Kulla Gunnarstorp to Helsingborg – a party is held celebrating Thorvaldsen and Danish-Swedish brotherhood. Leaving Helsingborg the sculptor is cheered by a large crowd and an orchestra.
10.7.1839 In Elsinore the town council arranges a party at the Shooting Range celebrating Thorvaldsen with music, song and salutes.
13.7.1841 Arrives in Munich and immediately visits Maximilian 1., cf. A128, in the Wittelsbacherplatz.
13.7.1842 Evening party at the house of the director of the French Academy, Jean-Victor Schnetz.