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May 1804 - 24.3.1844 Residence in the Roman pension Casa Buti, 46 Via Sistina, first floor.
4.5.1807 Elected honorary member of the Accademia Italiana. It is uncertain whether the membership was confirmed.
Autumn 1808 Ludwig (1.) commissions Adonis, cf. A53, in marble, today at the Neue Pinakothek, München. The statue is not completed until October 1831.
4.5.1827 Ludwig 1. visits Thorvaldsen’s workshop. In the evening, invited to Ludwig 1.’s banquet.
31.3.1829 Thorvaldsen’s “museum” opens as part of the recently renovted Antiksal at Charlottenborg.
18.3.1835 Awarded honorary citizenship of Mainz, cf. N35. Does not receive the diploma until his visit to the city 1.7.1841.
1836 The Gutenberg Monument, cf. A114, A115, A116 cast in bronze by Charles Crozatier (1795-1855) in Paris.
4.5.1839 First honorary member of De Massmanske Søndagsskoler.
4.5.1840 Is godfather to N.C.L. Abrahams’ søn, Albert Peter Carl Abrahams (1839-1909), in Garnison Church, Copenhagen.