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Autumn 1808 Statuette of Vesta is executed for Herman Schubart’s birthday 14.1.1809, location unknown.
22.7.1819 Leaves Florence.
22.7.1819 Arrives in Bologna. Stays the night at the hotel Pellegrino.
22.6.1838 A cargo ship from Rome arrives at Leghorn with 62 crates with Thorvaldsen’s art which are to be reloaded to the frigate Rota in order to be transported to Copenhagen.
22.7.1841 Travels from Munich to Hohenschwangau, where Thorvaldsen calls on the Bavarian Royal Family.
16.6.1842 Awarded the order Pour le Mérite by Friedrich Wilhelm 4.
11.7. - 22.7.1842 Thorvaldsen’s collection of paintings in Casa Buti are packed for transport for Copenhagen.