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25.1.1797 Sees a ceiling decoration by Vincenzo Manno in a church in Palermo. Visits Manno and spends the evening in his company at the local Academy of Fine Art.
25.1.1823 Franz Erwein von Schönborn commissions marble version of Sheperd Boy, cf. A177, with panpipe at his left foot and marble versions of Cupid with a Swan and Boys picking Fruit, Summer, cf. A411, Cupid and Bacchus, Autumn, cf. A413, and Cupid by Anacreon, Winter, cf. A415.
Presumably 25.1.1827 Invited to buy the Roman Palazzo Giraud-Torlonia in Via della Conciliazione (formerly called Palazzo Castellesi).
Not later than 25.1.1829 Charles Benet Drake Garrard commissions Monument to Charles Drake Garrard and Wife, cf. A620.
25.1.1831 Elected permanent member of Kunstforeningen af 1825 (The Art Society of 1825, Copenhagen).
25.1.1843 Thorvaldsen revises his testament.
24.3.1844 H.W. Bissen becomes one of the executors of Thorvaldsen’s estate. He executes and supervises the completion of Thorvaldsen’s unfinished works in marble.