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23.9.1796 Thetis passes the island Ushant.
23.9.1804 Appointed professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Accademia Fiorentina.
Presumably June 1806 Jacob Baden, A802.
June - September 1806 Jacob Baden, A863.
21.9.1807 Thorvaldsen returns to Rome after a short stay in the country.
End of September 1813 Leaves Bagni di Lucca (Baths of Lucca).
End of September 1813 Travels to Florence at the invitation of Elisa Baciocchi in order to discuss commissions for works of art.
End of September 1813 The relief Virgil reads the Aeneid to Augustus, is commissioned by Elisa Baciocchi, probably never executed.
19.9.1841 Celebration of Thorvaldsen’ return to Rome in Teatro Fiano, attended by international artists there. Thorvaldsen is carried in a torchlight procession to his home in Via Sistina.