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25.2.1799 The Academy of Fine Arts extends Thorvaldsen’s travel grant for another year.
1.7.1802 Thorvaldsen’s travel grant from the Academy of Fine Arts officially expires.
Presumably 19.3.1803 - 1815 Studio at 30 Vicolo della Catena, Piazza Barberini, Rome.
19.3.1803 Celebrating the making of the plaster cast of Jason with the Golden Fleece, A52. Thorvaldsen is crowned with a laurel wreath by Ida Brun.
Middle of March 1816 Probably attends a party with a Norwegian theme, possibly on the occasion of the two Norwegians, Jørgen Knudtzon’s and Hans Carl Knudtzon’s departure from Rome 19.3.1816.
19.3.1816 Jørgen and Hans Carl Knudtzon (and in all probability also Alexander Baillie) leave Rome.
2.3.1821 - 19.3.1821 Christ, A83, preparatory work for A82.
2.3.1821 - 19.3.1821 Christ, A84, preparatory work for A82.
2.3.1821 - 19.3.1821 Christ, A85, preparatory work for A82.
2.3.1821 - 19.3.1821 Paul, A104, preparatory work for A103.
2.3.1821 - 19.3.1821 Peter, preliminary work for A86.
19.3.1821 Thorvaldsen has modelled Christ, cf. A82, and the apostles Peter, cf. A86 and _Paul, cf. A103, in clay.
Not earlier than 19.3.1821 James the Less, A92, preparatory work for A91.
Not earlier than 19.3.1821 John, A90, preparatory work for A89.
Not earlier than 19.3.1821 Matthew, A88, preparatory work for A87.
Not earlier than 19.3.1821 Simon Zelotes, A102, preparatory work for A101.
Not earlier than 19.3.1821 Thomas, A97, preparatory work for A96.
19.3.1826 N.C.L. Abrahams arrives in Rome in the company of Nicolai Gerson.