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September 1805 - 26.4.1806 Camillo Landini finishes the statue Bacchus, probably lost, cf. A2.
6.9.1820 Arrives at Dresden late in the evening.
18.10.1826 Leo 12. visits Thorvaldsen’ studio in order to inspect the monument to Pius 7. The pope stands in worship in front of Christ, cf. A82, for an hour.
18.10.1833 H.C. Andersen arrives in Rome.
18.10.1833 Attends the re-funeral of Rafael in the Pantheon. H.C. Andersen sees Thorvaldsen for the first time.
18.10.1842 Celebrated in Altona by a singing society of about 40 people.
18.10.1842 Party at the home of Johanna and Salomon Ludwig Steinheim in Altona.