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16.10.1796 The frigate Thetis reaches Algiers and leaves its companion, the “present ship” Laurentius, there.
Not later than 16.10.1813 Returns to Montenero.
16.10.1819 A sumptuous celebration in Thorvaldsen’s honour at The Royal Shooting Range with several hundred participants, speeches, songs, and the firing of cannons.
16.10.1820 På museum med Wiktor Maksymilian Ossolinski. Om aftenen til hofbal.
Not earlier than 24.10. - not later than 28.10.1820 Probably visits the place where the Kościuszko Mound in Kraków was built.
12.10.1838 The governors of the University of Copenhagen offer Thorvaldsen 34.000 rix-dollars for the completion of his works for the Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen.
16.10.1838 Mht. den endnu manglende udsmykning af Vor Frue Kirke tilbyder Thorvaldsen de 12 apostle og fire profeter i marmor, frisen Vandringen til Golgatha evt. i brændtler og to statuer til vestibulen. Betalingen skal gå til Thorvaldsens Museum.
16.10.1842 In the evening, leaves Hannover by stagecoach to go to Altona via Celle, Harburg and Hamburg. From Celle in the company of Johanna and Salomon Ludwig Steinheim.