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Presumably 1839 Bertel Thorvaldsen, A880, fragment of a sketch. Thorvaldsen’s head from the preparatory model, Nysø36, of Bertel Thorvaldsen with the Statue of Hope.
Presumably 1839 Aesculapius, A784, fragment of A20.
Presumably 1839 Johann Wolfgang Goethe, A139.
Presumably 1839 Frederik 6. encourages Thorvaldsen to stay in Copenhagen.
Presumably 1839 - 1840 Wilckens starts collecting Thorvaldsen memorabilia.
Presumably 1839 - 1840 Wilckens saves locks of Thorvaldsen’s hair.
Presumably 1839 - 1840 Nominates Emilius Bærentzen for admission to the Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, but Bærentzen does not receive enough votes.
Presumably 1839 - 1841 Buys several vedute (cityscapes) by H.G.F. Holm, e.g. D836.
Presumably 1839 - 1841 Doctor Joachim Lund Drejer (1792-1853) has Thorvaldsen make a plaster cast of the sculptor’s juvenile work, A864, Ernst Heinrich Løffler, A630.
Presumably 1839 - 1841 The pantomimist Adolph Price (1805-1890) creates tableaux vivants after Thorvaldsen’s works and collections. Thorvaldsen sees several of Price’s pantomimes.
Presumably 1839 - 1843 A.B. Rothe gives Thorvaldsen Tyge Rothe, A225.
Presumably 1839 - 1843 Oehlenschläger writes a poem on The Ages of Love, A426.
Presumably 1839 - 1843 Gives C.F. Høyer the bust of his mother, Sophie Dorothea Høyer, A763.
1839 Boy Sitting on a Stair, Nysø65, preparatory work for A560.
1839 Child Walking with Palm Branch, Nysø67, preparatory work for A560.
1839 Hercules, A16, first preparatory work for A14.
1839 Head of apostle, Nysø92, preparatory work for Nysø18.
1839 Minerva, A18, first model of A17.
1839 Nemesis, A19a, first model of A19.
1839 Perseus and Andromeda, A486.
1839 Young Man with Palm Branches in his Arm, Nysø68, preparatory work for A560.
1839 Aesculapius, A21, first model of A20.
1839 G.F. Hetsch suggests the subject of Christ on the Road to Calvary, A560, for the altar-niche of the Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen.
1839 Models sketches of four colossal statues for Christiansborg Palace (A16, A18, A19a, A21).
1839 - 1840 Horse’s head and warrior, A64.
1839 - 1840 Head of a child, Nysø99, preparatory work for A559.
1839 - 1842 Olympus, Nysø57, preparatory work for Pietro Galli’s sculpture, G5.
1839 - 1843 Merchant Carl Adolf Ollendorff (1816-1902) gives the museum a Grandfather Clock, N150, made by Thorvaldsen.
1839 - 1844 Cupid blowing a horn, Nysø81.
2.1.1839 Attends the 56th birthday party of the Danish painter C.W. Eckersbergs. A toast to Thorvaldsen is proposed.
6.1.1839 Receives a visit from the painter C.W. Eckersberg and his daughters.
14.1.1839 Møde i Comitteen for Oprettelsen af Thorvaldsens Museum med Thorvaldsens deltagelse.
18.1.1839 Dines at the home of J.S. Møsting in the company of Joseph Hambro, the zoologist J. Reinhardt (1776-1845), the philologist Carl Christian Rafn, Johan Gunder Adler, C.W. Eckersberg, and others.
20.1.1839 Received in the Royal Theatre. Prologue by Adam Oehlenschläger is recited.
29.1.1839 Receives a visit from the Danish painter C.W. Eckersberg.
February 1839 Marble version of Baptismal Font, cf. A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4, arrives in Iceland and is installed in the cathedral in Reykjavik.
6.2.1839 Receives a visit from the Danish painter C.W. Eckersberg.
8.2.1839 Står fadder for Carl Christian Nielsen Grenaaes (1798-?) datter, Thorvaldine Wilhelmine Juliane Grenaae (1839-?), i Garnisons Kirke, København.
16.2.1839 Receives a visit from the Danish painter C.W. Eckersberg.
17.2.1839 Sits for his portrait by C.A. Jensen Portrait of the Sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. Today at the Museum of National History, Fredriksborg Castle, A 80.
Presumably spring 1839 J.V. Gertner draws Thorvaldsen at Charlottenborg, e.g. D825.
Spring 1839 Baptismal Font, cf. A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4, is consecrated in the cathedral in Reykjavik.
Spring 1839 H.E. Freund erects the marble Christ, cf. A82, in the Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen.
Spring 1839 Apostles in plaster are replaced by marble versions, the Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen.
2.3.1839 Visits the painter C.W. Eckersberg.
8.3.1839 Receives a visit from C.W. Eckersberg, who introduces Hans Henrik Dithmer.
8.3.1839 Thorvaldsen’s Roman birthday is celebrated by the society of De danske Romeres in Copenhagen . The artist is hosting 48 guests. Two songs
16.3.1839 Attends a party given by the Danish officer Joseph Abrahamson. Accompanied home by C.W. Eckersberg at 2 am.
24.3.1839 The Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen, is reopened with the completed decorations, i.e. the newly installed marble sculptures by Thorvaldsen.
24.3.1839 Thorvaldsen is godfather to Hermann Ernst Freund’s daughter in the Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen. The Baptismal Angel Kneeling, cf. A112, is being used for a baptism for the first time.
25.4.1839 The evening before General Prayer Day (Danish public holiday). Visits Antoinette Thomasine Liebenberg, and goes for a walk on the ramparts (popular activity on this particular day in Copenhagen) with his goddaughter, Maria Liebenberg and her brother F.L. Liebenberg.
26.4.1839 Receives a visit from the painter C.W. Eckersberg.
28.4.1839 Står fadder for Georg Daniel von Hindenburgs søn, Albert Thorvald Hindenburg (1839-1906) i Garnisons Kirke, København.
30.4.1839 Attends the wedding party of Heinrich Eddelien.
Beginning of May 1839 The corvette Galathea sails from Copenhagen bound for Leghorn in order to fetch Thorvaldsen’s works.
3.5.1839 Dines at the house of Jørgen Koch in the company of Adam Oehlenschläger, Hans Puggaard, A.C. Kierulff, C.W. Eckersberg, and others.
4.5.1839 Udnævnes til første æresmedlem i De Massmanske Søndagsskoler.
8.5.1839 Concert in the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen, celebrating the unveiling of the Schiller monument, cf. A770, in Stuttgart the same day. The surplus from the concert goes to the future Thorvaldsens Museum.
Song by Oehlenschläger and music by Weyse etc. is performed.
8.5.1839 The Schiller monument, cf. A770, is unveiled in Stuttgart.
16.5.1839 Står fadder for Just Mathias Thiele søn, Thorvald Nicolai Thiele (1838-1910), i Christiansborg Slotskirke, København.
20.5.1839 Står fadder for Peder Brønnum Scavenius’ søn, Jacob Frederik Scavenius (1838-1915), i Holtug Kirke ved Store Heddinge.
27.5.1839 140 studenter fra Lunds Universitet hylder Thorvaldsen på Charlottenborg. Han fremviser sit ateliermuseum.
28.5.1839 Deltager i 28. Mai Selskabets politiske møde på Skydebanen i København. Thorvaldsen hyldes med en sang. Ca. 200 deltagere bl.a. H.N. Clausen, H.P. Hansen, L.N. Hvidt, C.N. David, H.P. Holst og P.C. Stenersen Gad.
Summer 1839 Wilhelm 1. visit Thorvaldsen’s workshop and commissions a marble version of the statue Cupid and the Graces, cf. A29, Further, he buys the reliefs The Seasons, cf. A642, A643, A644, A645, Shepherdess with a Nest of Cupids, cf. A425, and Cupid Complains to Venus about a Bee Sting, cf. A780. The reliefs are today at the Landesmuseum Württemberg, Stuttgart.
June - August 1839 Christ Blessing the Children, Nysø23.
4.6.1839 Arrives at Nysø Manor near Præstø for the first time after his return in 1838.
4.6.1839 - 24.3.1844 Residence at Nysø, near Præstø, South Zealand. However, he lives alternately at Nysø, at Charlottenborg, and in Rom until his death. Gets his own studio, “Wayland’s smithy”, in the garden, inaugurated 24.7.1839.
12.6. - 14.6.1839 Trip to Sorø.
13.6.1839 At Sorø Academy. The students sing a song to Thorvaldsen by B.S. Ingemann.
Middle of June 1839 Bertel Thorvaldsen with the Statue of Hope, Nysø36, preparatory model for Nysø1.
21.6.1839 Trip to Mogenstrup.
23.6.1839 Lunch at Nysø with songs for Thorvaldsen by Carsten Hauch and Peter Wulff. B.S. Ingemann was also present.
23.6.1839 Trip to Jungshoved.
23.6.1839 Uventet aftenfest på Præstø fjord, hvor der blev sat lys ud i vandet til ære for Thorvaldsen.
28.6. - 29.6.1839 From Nysø to Altona with Christine Stampe. Probably stays at the hotel Zum Holsteinischen Hause.
29.6.1839 Visits Conrad Hinrich Donner in Altona. They go to the opera for a performance of I puritani (The Puritans) by Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835).
30.6.1839 Visits August Abendroth’s richly decorated mansion. At a large party in the evening.
July 1839 - 5.10.1839 Bertel Thorvaldsen with the Statue of Hope, Nysø1.
July 1839 - 5.10.1839 Head of Thorvaldsen, Nysø72, preparatory work for Nysø1.
1.7.1839 Large dinner party at Conrad Hinrich Donner’s with C.C. Zahrtmann, Sophie Elisabeth Zahrtmann, Christine Stampe, Peter von Scholten (1784-1854) and others.
2.7.1839 Lunch with the art dealers Ernst Georg Harzen (1790-1863) and Matthias Commeter (1791–1869). Visits August Abendroth’s mansion in Hamburg once more.
2.7.1839 Departure from Altona / Hamburg bound for Lübeck.
3.7.1839 Arrival Copenhagen with the steamboat Frederik VI from Lübeck.
5.7.1839 Receives a visit from C.W. Eckersberg.
9.7.1839 From Copenhagen to Elsinore in the company of Christine Stampe, Henrik Stampe, Henrik Stampe, Holger Stampe-Charisius and Elise Stampe. Meets Christian Wulff and Henriette Wulff.
9.7.1839 Transfer to Helsingborg. Lunch in Ramlösa with Scanian dignitaries. From here via Höganäs to Kullen with the Stampe family. The party spends the night here.
10.7.1839 From Kullen via a visit to count Carl De Geer (1781–1861) at Kulla Gunnarstorp to Helsingborg – a party is held celebrating Thorvaldsen and Danish-Swedish brotherhood. Leaving Helsingborg the sculptor is cheered by a large crowd and an orchestra.
10.7.1839 In Elsinore the town council arranges a party at the Shooting Range celebrating Thorvaldsen with music, song and salutes.
11.7.1839 Travels from Elsinore to Copenhagen via Sorgenfri, where he visits Prince Christian (8.) Frederik and Caroline Amalie.
Presumably 12.7.1839 From Copenhagen to Nysø.
Presumably 14.7. - 17.7.1839 Begins modelling Ludvig Holberg, cf. A876.
Middle of July 1839 - August 1839 Kneeling Angel, A159.
Middle of July 1839 - September 1839 Thorvaldsen has his portrait painted by J.V. Gertner, probably Thorvaldsen modelling the bust of Adam Oehlenschläger, Dep.35.
Presumably 19.7. - 23.7.1839 Trip to Møn with Adam Oehlenschläger and Hans Puggaard.
19.7.1839 Attends the 80th birthday of the merchant Christopher Friedenreich Hage (1759-1849) at Stege. A large number of guests arrive from Copenhagen with the steam boat Queen Marie.
20.7.1839 Thorvaldsen and Adam Oehlenschläger are celebrated with a party and singing in Klinteskoven on Møn. Spends the night with Ole Johan Freuchen in his vicarage at Magleby.
23.7.1839 Returns to Nysø.
23.7.1839 Sammenkomst på Nysø om aftenen. Thorvaldsen hyldes med en sang.
24.7.1839 Thorvaldsen’s studio in the garden of Nysø – “Wayland’s smithy” – is inaugurated in the presence of Oehlenschläger, Grundtvig, Hans Puggaard and others.
25.7.1839 Trip to Hollænderskoven.
26.7.1839 From Nysø to Sorø in the company of the Stampe family.
26.7.1839 With H.C. Andersen and Oehlenschläger”:/people/oehlenschlaeger-adam, godfather to Carsten Hauch’s daughter, who is baptized “Albertine” after Thorvaldsen by Grundtvig.
26.7. - 27.7.1839 Stays at Sorø with Christine Stampe, Oehlenschläger, Grundtvig among others.
End of July 1839 - 29.9.1839 Adam Oehlenschläger, A226, marked: “Nysøe den 29. Set. 1839”.
13.8.1839 G. Bindesbøll’s project for Thorvaldsens Museum is chosen by a majority of the members of the Comitteen for Oprettelsen af Thorvaldsens Museum (The Committee for the Foundation of Thorvaldsen’s Museum).
16.8.1839 Lermodellen til Ludvig Holberg afstøbes i gips, A876.
Autumn 1839 Head of Judas, Nysø96, preparatory work for A559.
Autumn 1839 Head of a bearded man, Nysø95, preparatory work for A559.
Autumn 1839 The Entry into Jerusalem, A559.
Autumn 1839 Perseus and Andromeda, A742.
Autumn 1839 - spring 1840 Christ on the Road to Calvary, A560.
4.9.1839 Står fadder for H.N. Clausens datter, Johanne Marie Elisabeth Clausen (1839-1918), i Vor Frue Kirke, København.
6.10.1839 Arrives in Copenhagen from Nysø.
8.10. - 11.10.1839 Overværer en militærmanøvre i København sammen med Christine og Henrik Stampe. Møder her Frederik 6.
9.10.1839 Visits C.W. Eckersberg, who is working on the painting Thorvaldsen’s arrival in the Copenhagen roadstead, September 17th 1838, B217.
12.10.1839 Maximilian 1., cf. A128, is unveiled in the Wittelsbacherplatz in Munich.
15.10.1839 Goes to Nysø.
20.10.1839 The municipal authorities in Copenhagen adopt the final plans for the construction of Thorvaldsens Museum.
13.11.1839 Frederik 6. approves the final plans for the construction of Thorvaldsens Museum.
18.11.1839 Awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Dannebrog as the first artist ever. Thorvaldsen, however, is not presented with the cross until the following day, his birthday 19.11.1839 at Nysø.
19.11.1839 Woman and Boy with Palm Branch, Nysø66.
19.11.1839 Thorvaldsen’s birthday is celebrated at Nysø with tableaux-vivants, singing, and dancing. The Stampe family, Johan Ferdinand de Neergaard, Wilhelm Matthiä, Benjamin Wolff and others are present.
21.11.1839 Arrival in Copenhagen. A short stay in order to thank Frederik 6. for the Grand Cross of the Order of Dannebrog.
22.11.1839 Visits C.W. Eckersberg.
23.11.1839 Overværer August Bournonvilles ballet Festen i Albano i Det Kongelige Teater.
27.11.1839 Visits C.W. Eckersberg and pays 100 rix-dollars in advance for the painting Thorvaldsen’s arrival in the Copenhagen roadstead, September 17th 1838, B217.
Presumably 28.11.1839 Retur til Nysø fra København.
End of November 1839 Short stay at Gisselfeld.
Not earlier than December 1839 Denmark, A550.
3.12.1839 Frederik 6. dies.
Not earlier than 3.12.1839 - beginning of January 1840 Frederik 6., A141.
5.12.1839 Thiele henvender sig til Thorvaldsen umiddelbart efter Frederik 6.s død, og foreslår ham at udføre et monument over den afdøde konge. Dette forslag munder i sidste ende ud i Frederik 6.s monument, Skanderborg Slotsbanke.
Completed 6.12.1839 Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe, A215.
Completed 28.12.1839 Christ at Emmaus, Nysø18.
At the turn of 1839 - 40 The construction of Thorvaldsens Museum is begun.
End of 1839 Makes a draft for his coat of arms, which depicts the God Thor with his hammer, C559b, to be hung in Frederiksborg Castle. The device is Freedom and Love for the Fatherland. Cf. N152 and E2286.