The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1839

Presumably 14.7. - 17.7.1839

Begins modelling Ludvig Holberg, cf. A876.

Primary sources

  • Albert Repholtz: Thorvaldsen og Nysø, Copenhagen 1911, p. 27 (the clay model was cast in plaster on 16.8.1839).
  • Thiele IV, p. 70. Thiele writes that the bust is begun after the return from the trip to Kullen and before Thorvaldsen’s departure for Nysø, which is dated differently by Thiele and by Stampe; see also presumably 13.7.1839.

Other references

  • Else Kai Sass: Thorvaldsens Portrætbuster, Copenhagen 1963-65, Vol. II, p. 319-325, 379, 387.

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