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Presumably 1844 Buys Emil Andersen’s (1817-1845) painting The Good Samaritan, B195.
Not earlier than 1844 The Dance of the Muses on Helicon, A340, carved by Georg Christian Freund after A341 under the supervision of H.W. Bissen.
January - February 1844 The Genius of Peace and Freedom, A529.
12.1.1844 Visits the painter C.W. Eckersberg in the company of Christine Stampe and her sister Susette Schouw.
20.1.1844 Udnævnes til æresmedlem af British and Foreign Institute i London.
7.2.1844 Probably attends J.F. Schouw’s birthday party with, amomg others, Christine Stampe.
12.2.1844 Gives Christine and Henrik Stampe a version of Melpomene for their wedding anniversary.
Middle of February 1844 The Genius of Poetry, A527.
26.2.1844 Attends an artists’ masquerade, which is held in a theatre in Lille Kannikestræde 14, Copenhagen.
5.3.1844 Christine Stampe’s sister Susette Schouw dies after a long illness.
8.3.1844 Thorvaldsen’s Roman birthday is celebrated quietly. Sees Mozart’s Don Giovanni.
Completed 8.3.1844 The Genius of Sculpture, A523.
Presumably 18.3.1844 Thorvaldsen makes his last drawing, probably C1035, for Christine Stampe.
20.3.1844 Thorvaldsen suffers from chest pain.
22.3.1844 Dinner with Christine Stampe, probably at the house of Julia Raben-Levetzau (1808-1888), followed by a concert with the students’ choral society.
23.3.1844 Received in audience by Crown Prince Frederik (7.)
23.3.1844 Dinner at the home of A.C. Kierulff’s. Jørgen Koch accompanies Thorvaldsen home.
23.3.1844 Meets Gottlieb Bindesbøll at the museum.
Not later than 24.3.1844 The Genius of Sculpture, A524, chalk sketch on slate.
Not later than 24.3.1844 Head of Martin Luther, Nysø75, preparatory work for A188.
24.3.1844 Martin Luther, A188, Thorvaldsen’s last work, is interrupted.
24.3.1844 Visits Martinus Rørbye with Christine Stampe. Sees Rørbye’s painting Harbour scene, Palermo, B287, which Thorvaldsen acquired.
24.3.1844 Dinner with Oehlenschläger, H.C. Andersen, Ernst Meyer, Constantin Hansen and others at Christine and Henrik Stampe.
24.3.1844 Happens to meet C.W. Eckersberg at 6pm in Kronprinsessegade.
24.3.1844 Thorvaldsen dies at 6.11 pm in the Royal Theatre during the 1st movement of the German composer Ferdinand Ries’ 6th symphony, – before the first performance of the play Griseldis.
24.3.1844 H.W. Bissen becomes one of the executors of Thorvaldsen’s estate. He executes and supervises the completion of Thorvaldsen’s unfinished works in marble.
25.3.1844 Thorvaldsen’s death mask, L668, is taken by Venanzio Orlandi.
26.3.1844 J.L. Lund and C.W. Eckersberg visit Thorvaldsen’s deathbed “in order to see [his] face once more”.
26.3.1844 Thorvaldsen’s body is examined postmortem.
27.3.1844 The preparation for the ceremonial hall of the Academy of Fine Arts at Charlottenborg for Thorvaldsen’s funeral begins.
29.3.1844 The ceremonial hall of the Academy of Fine Arts is prepared for Thorvaldsen’s funeral. The floor is covered in black, and the room is hung with black cloth. At noon Thorvaldsen’s dead body is placed in the hall.
29.3.1844 Thorvaldsen lies in state in the ceremonial hall of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.
30.3.1844 Thorvaldsen’s funeral at the Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen.
30.3.1844 Thorvaldsen’s coffin is closed in the presence of among Crown Prins Frederik (7.) Christian, among others. Then the coffin is taken in procession from Charlottenborg to the Church of Our Lady.
31.3.1844 - 18.9.1848 Victoria, executed by H.W. Bissen and placed on the roof of Thorvaldsen’s museum, cf. A48.
Presumably April 1844 C.F. Wilckens is given Thorvaldsen’s Order of the Dannebrog by Christian 8.
8.4.1844 Memorial ceremony at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.
9.4.1844 Memorial ceremony at the Royal Theatre: Prologue by J.L. Heiberg, recited by Johanne Luise Heiberg, overture by J.P.E. Hartmann and Adam Oehlenschläger’s Hakon Jarl.
15.4.1844 in an audience with Christian 8., Adam Oehlenschläger recites a poem about Thorvaldsen.
7.5.1844 Mindes ved en sørgehøjtidelighed i frimurerlogerne Friedrich zur gekrönten Hoffnung og Zorobabel til Nordstjernen i København.
13.5.1844 Memorial ceremony for Thorvaldsen in Slagelse art society.
24.5.1844 Memorial ceremony for Thorvaldsen in Studenterforeningen (The Students’ Association) in Copenhagen with music, poems, and speeches.
28.5. - 8.6.1844 H.C. Andersen completes his En biografisk Skizze (A Biographical Sketch) of Thorvaldsen. It is published 30.12.1844 – 3.1.1845.
Summer 1844 Thiele finds the greater part of Thorvaldsen’s letters etc. in the basement of Casa Buti.
1.6.1844 Memorial ceremony in the Academy of Fine Art in Berlin.
Middle of June 1844 Frederik Barfod’s anthology of Danish source texts on Thorvaldsen – Thorvaldsensk Album (A Thorvaldsen Album) is published.
23.6.1844 Memorial ceremony in the Accademia di San Luca in Rome.