The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 4.2.1809

This precious agraffe (i.e. a pin or a clasp for clothing) is referred to as a “trifle” in Schimmelmann’s letter of 17.11.1808 and was a manifestation of Schimmelmann’s gratitude that Thorvaldsen would accept no other payment for the baptismal font, A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4, than the cost of the materials, wages, and transport, see Thorvaldsen’s draft of 22.10.1808.
That it was an agraffe appears from Schubart’s letter of 26.12.1808, in which he reports Schimmelmann’s reaction to Thorvaldsen’s letter of 22.10.1808. The clasp is also mentioned in Schubart’s letter of 13.1.1809.

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