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Not earlier than 24.5.1804 Leaves Rome for Florence in the company of Adam Gottlob Detlef Moltke.
24.5.1814 Humility, statue, Sant’Angelo Bridge, Rome. Temporarily installed to mark the return of Pope Pius 7. to Rome.
24.5.1822 Donates Caritas, marble relief (the Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen, cf. A598) to the Norwegian Hans Henrik Gunnerus.
24.5.1827 N.C.L. Abrahams leaves Rome in the company of Nicolai Gerson.
24.5.1841 Cupid and Psyche, Nysø47, also called “Goodbye to Nysø”.
25.5.1841 Begins his journey to Rome with Christine Stampe and her family. Rides in his own carriage with coachman Niels Rasmussen.
Farewell ceremony on Præstø harbour. With the royal steam boat Kiel to Warnemünde. On board the captain Peter Wulff, Henriette Wulff, C.W. Eckersberg, G.F. Ursin, Carl Dahl, and C.F. Wilckens.
1843 Hercules, A15, preparatory work for A14.
1843 Minerva, A17.
1843 Nemesis, A19.
1843 Aesculapius, A20.
24.5.1844 Memorial ceremony for Thorvaldsen in Studenterforeningen (The Students’ Association) in Copenhagen with music, poems, and speeches. The ceremony took place at the University.