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Presumably 1805 - 1806 Christoph August Tiedge, A851.
Presumably 1805 - 1806 Christoph August Tiedge, marble, whereabouts unknown.
Presumably 1805 - 1806 Elisa von der Recke, A852.
Presumably 1805 - 1806 Elisa von der Recke, A869.
1805 Apollo, A3.
1805 Conrad Rantzau, A211.
1805 A monument to Dante is commissioned for the church of St. Croce, Florence. The monument is never executed by Thorvaldsen but is given to the sculptor Stefano Ricci (1765-1837) in 1830, cf. the drafts C553r, C554, C555r og C555v.
1805 Begins a sculpture, Mars and Venus, later reworked as Mars Bringing Peace, cf. D174, which in turn becomes the starting point for Mars and Cupid, A7.
1805 - 1806 Conrad Rantzau, marble bust, Schloss Breitenburg, Holstein, cf. A211.
1805 - 1806 Christoph August Tiedge, A240.
1805 - 1806 Elisa von der Recke, A879.
Presumably 9.1.1805 Thorvaldsen’s friend, C.F.F. Stanley arrives in Rome and moves into Casa Buti.
Presumably spring 1805 Models a portrait bust of Caroline von Humboldt. The location of the original model is unknown.
Beginning of March 1805 C.F.F. Stanley proposes that Gotskalk Thorvaldsen be admitted to Vartov (an institution for the poor, sick and old) in Copenhagen.
26.4.1805 Andreas Weidenhaupt dies, and a professorship in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts becomes vacant.
6.5.1805 Thorvaldsen becomes a member of the Academy of Fine Arts and is nominated for the vacant post of professor of sculpture.
Summer 1805 Inquiry from the President of the USA, Thomas Jefferson, about the execution of a monument to Freedom. The negotiations do not result in a commission. Female figure in a Phrygian cap, C6r, might be a sketch for this monument.
Summer 1805 - March 1806 Herman Schubart, A219.
Summer 1805 - June 1806 Socrates, copy after an antique bust in Villa Albani, location unknown.
1.6.1805 Gotskalk Thorvaldsen is admitted to Vartov (an institution for the poor, sick and old) in Copenhagen.
7.6.1805 Christian 7. appoints Thorvaldsen professor of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts.
August - September 1805 The Baptism of Christ, A736, executed for Baptismal Font, A555,1.
August - September 1805 Preliminary work for, or a first version of Minerva and Prometheus, cf. A319.
August 1805 - March 1806 Jacqueline Schubart, A220.
Beginning of August 1805 Travels from Rome to Montenero via Florence and Leghorn in the company of Conrad Rantzau.
9.8.1805 Arrives at Montenero.
16.8.1805 Elected honorary member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.
Autumn 1805 Caroline von Humboldt, marble bust, Schloss Tegel, Berlin until 1945, present location unknown.
September 1805 - 26.4.1806 Camillo Landini finishes the statue Bacchus, probably lost, cf. A2.
11.9.1805 Leaves most likely Montenero this day with Christian Stub. Passport for Rome is issued in Leghorn.
Middle of September 1805 Travels to Pisa and visits Filippo Mazzei to discuss a possible commission for a monument to Freedom for the USA.
Middle of September 1805 Stays in Florence for two days in the company of Christian Stub.
19.9.1805 Passes through the town of Acquapendente, ca. 130 km north of Rome.
21.9.1805 Arrives in Rome.
Not earlier than 21.9.1805 Jupiter Otricoli, copy after antique model, marble bust, location unknown.
28.9.1805 Caspar Bartholin dies. Thorvaldsen takes his deathmask, which later is used as the model of the bust A227.
Middle of November 1805 The Danish painter C.F. Høyer arrives in Rome. He probably moves into Casa Buti at once.
18.11.1805 Thorvaldsen’s close friend C.F.F. Stanley dies.
20.11.1805 In the evening, C.F.F. Stanley is buried in the Protestant cemetery in Rome. The grave is not known today.
Not later than December 1805 Draws Cupid with a Butterfly for Herman Schubart’s birthday, probably Dep.7.