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Date Events Whereabouts Works
Presumably 1810 Mars and Cupid, A7.
Presumably 1810 Nemesis and Jupiter, A324, reduced version of A320.
Presumably 1810 Venus, Mars and Cupid in Vulcan’s Smithy, A419.
Presumably 1810 Alexandra von Dietrichstein, A238.
1810 Cupid Revives Psyche, A431.
1810 Caritas, A598.
1810 Nemesis and Jupiter, A320.
1810 Bertel Thorvaldsen, A223.
1810 Becomes friendly with Christian Daniel Rauch.
1810 Thorvaldsen inviteres af kongen af Preussen Friedrich Wilhelm 3. til at konkurrere med billedhuggeren Antonio Canova om udførelsen af et gravmæle over dronning Luise. Thorvaldsen lader i stedet sin elev Christian Daniel Rauch få bestillingen. Se evt. hertil Thorvaldsens skitse C182r, der muligvis er relateret til Luises gravmæle.
Not earlier than 1810 Cupid with a Swan and Boys Picking Fruit, Summer, A410.
Not earlier than 1810 Cupid and Bacchus, A408.
Not earlier than 1810 Cupid and Bacchus, Autumn, A412.
Not earlier than 1810 Cupid Revives Psyche, A430.
Not earlier than 1810 Cupid Revives Psyche, A866.
Not earlier than 1810 Caritas, A597.
2.1.1810 Christian Daniel Rauchs fødselsdag fejres hos Caroline von Humboldt. Til stede er bl.a. J.L. Lund og antagelig også Thorvaldsen.
Not later than 14.1.1810 Hygieia and Cupid, drawing, location unknown, is presented to Herman Schubart on the occasion of his birthday.
14.1.1810 Organizes the celebration of Herman Schubart’s birthday in Rome, but without Schubart’s presence.
28.1.1810 Awarded the Order of Dannebrog, which is forwarded to him by Herman Schubart.
Spring 1810 Mother with Child, receiving fruits from another woman, relief, location unknown.
Spring 1810 Goethe asks for a line drawing of one of Thorvaldsen’s sculptures through Caroline von Humboldt.
March 1810 Vincenzo Camuccini, A282.
Not earlier than April 1810 Vincenzo Camuccini, A281.
End of April 1810 P.O. Brøndsted and Georg Koës leave Rome heading for Greece.
Summer 1810 Thorvaldsen is probably ill.
28.7.1810 Probably attends the farewell party for J.L. Lund.
August 1810 - January 1816 Rents two workshops in Via dei Cappuccini near the intersection with Via della Purificazione.
8.8.1810 Passport for Leghorn issued in Rome.
11.8.1810 J.L. Lund leaves Rome, bound for Copenhagen, in the company of Friederike Brun and Ida Brun.
22.8.1810 Passport stamped in Florence on his way to Leghorn.
End of August 1810 Arrives at Montenero. The first part of the journey in the company of Ida and Friederike Brun.
Presumably September 1810 Cupid with a Swan and Boys Picking Fruit, Summer, A411.
Presumably September 1810 Cupid and Bacchus, Autumn, A413.
10.9.1810 Thorvaldsen gives Jacqueline Schubart the model of Cupid Revives Psyche, A431, for her birthday.
15.9.1810 Passport stamped in Leghorn in order to begin the journey back to Rome.
19.9.1810 Arrives at Florence.
22.9.1810 Probably meets Antonio Canova in Santa Croce in Florence to see the latter’s funerary monument to Vittorio Alfieri.
25.9.1810 Passport stamped in Florence. The journey back to Rome is probably via Siena in the company of Christian Daniel Rauch.
October 1810 Meets the Swedish sculptor Johan Niklas Byström in Rome.
October 1810 Encouraged by Friedrich Wilhelm 3. to compete with Canova to win the order for a funerary monument to the Prussian Queen Louise (1776-1810). Thorvaldsen, however, refuses to take part in the competition.
19.11.1810 J.L. Lund ankommer til København fra Rom.