The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

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P.O. Brøndsted's Loan from Thorvaldsen

14 Documents

Poems on Works of Thorvaldsen

49 Documents

Prejudices about Italians

16 Documents

Papal States, Export Licenses

9 Documents

Portrait Busts, Contemporary Persons

272 Documents

Presents from Thorvaldsen, other things

13 Documents

Patriarch of the Bas-Relief

10 Documents

Portrait Busts, Historical Persons

30 Documents

Purchase by Thorvaldsen Requested

15 Documents


34 Documents

Portrait Drawings, Contemporary Persons

9 Documents

Purchase of Antiquities

18 Documents

Personal Advice from Thorvaldsen Requested

2 Documents

Portrait Medallions, Thorvaldsen's

6 Documents

Purchase of Antiquities for Others

4 Documents


4 Documents

Portrait Reliefs, Thorvaldsen's

6 Documents

Purchase of Books

8 Documents

Plans for Thorvaldsens Museum in another city than Copenhagen

1 Document

Portrait Statue of Caroline Amalie

25 Documents + 1 Related Article

Purchase of Marble

47 Documents + 1 Related Article

Plaster Cast Company Antonettis Enke

16 Documents

Portrait Statues, Contemporary Persons

54 Documents

Purchase of Paintings

42 Documents

Plaster Casts, Antique

15 Documents

Portrait Statues, Historical Persons

20 Documents

Purchase of Paintings for Others

13 Documents

Plaster Casts, Other

16 Documents

Portraits, Depicting Thorvaldsen

57 Documents + 1 Related Article

Purchase of Sculptures for Others

15 Documents

Plaster Casts, Thorvaldsen's Works

80 Documents

Postal Services

5 Documents + 1 Related Article

Putbus´ Commission

1 Document + 1 Related Article

Poems for Thorvaldsen

220 Documents

Potocki chapel in the Wawel Cathedral

3 Documents