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Christiansborg Palace, Throne Room

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December 1817

Lauritz Kruse


A prospectus in which Kruse invites his fellow countrymen to contribute to the acquisition of Tho...


Herman Schubart

Christian 8.

Schubart assures the concerned Christian Frederik that the Alexander Frieze for Frederik 6.’s new...



Bertel Thorvaldsen

Frederik 6. commissions the Alexander Frieze and two caryatids for Christiansborg Palace.



Bertel Thorvaldsen

An account of the meeting in Copenhagen on 24.11.1819, in which Thorvaldsen promised the Building...


J.C. Dahl

Bertel Thorvaldsen

Dahl asks Thorvaldsen to find work for Carl Wagner and Ernst Oehme, who are coming to Rome. He al...


Redaktørerne ved Kjøbenhavnsposten


The art lovers of Copenhagen are told what the reasons are why it has not yet been possible to ex...


Bertel Thorvaldsen

C.F. Hansen

Thorvaldsen is in bed with a severe cold. The last five pieces of the Alexander Frieze are now re...