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1791 - 29.8.1796 Residence and workroom at 13, Åbenrå, the entire first floor, Copenhagen.
23.2.1795 Receives a visit from the portrait painter Hans Hansen in his home Åbenrå 13, Copenhagen.
23.2.1819 Organizes and takes part in a birthday party for Caroline von Humboldt. On this occasion, he presents her with a plaster cast of Cupid with the Lyre, cf. A786. Today at Schloss Tegel, Berlin.
Presumably 23.2.1821 - 26.2.1821 Thorvaldsen and Rudolf Schadow model, while other artists draw the beautiful Vittoria Caldoni in Franz Ludwig Wilhelm von Reden’s home in Rome, cf. Vittoria Caldoni, A279.