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Thorvaldsen's Collection of Gems

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Antagelig 30.8.1810

Bertel Thorvaldsen

Anna Maria Uhden

Thorvaldsen has arrived safely at Montenero, but the journey took a long time due to bad weather....


Bertel Thorvaldsen

Albert Cramer

The commentary for this letter is not available at the moment.


Christian Daniel Rauch

Caroline von Humboldt

Rauch has not found the antique gemstone showing the goddess Nemesis that Caroline von Humboldt h...

1826-1827 (1876)

N.C.L. Abrahams


Abrahams’ recollections of his stay in Rome 1826-27.


Børge Thorlacius

Johan Gunder Adler

The commentary to this document is not available at the moment.


Bertel Thorvaldsen


The commentary for this testament is not available at the moment.


Fritz Paulsen

Bertel Thorvaldsen

From the island of Ischia, Fritz Paulsen writes about their daily life with the sons Albert og Ca...

After 1.2.1842, before 15.2.1842

Bertel Thorvaldsen

Christian 8.

Sixth draft of the letter dated 15.2.1842. The draft is considerably longer than the final letter.


Emilie Jensine Eckersberg, Albert Thorvaldsen Wilckens, C.F. Wilckens

C.F. Wilckens

Emilie Eckersberg writes to Thorvaldsen’s former valet in order to aks him to help her sell...