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Paolo Tosio 31.3.1831 [+]

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Dateringen fremgår af dokumentet.

Paolo Tosio

The document was used as cover for the papers regarding Toiso’s purchase 21.3.1831 of the marble versions of Day, cf. A902, and Night, cf. A901, from Maria de Pecis.

N. 2

Alberto Thorwaldsen
Aurora e Notte
bassi – rilievi
copia sotto la direzione del sudd.o Thorwaldsen
Comperati in Milano il 21 Marzo 1831 dalla Marchesa Maria Pecis Parravicini
p Milanesi £ 3000.

Archival Reference
Archivio di Stato di Brescia, fondo Avogadro del Giglio – Tosio, busta 54, fascicolo 2.
Ikke omtalt hos Thiele.
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Maria De Pecis · Bertel Thorvaldsen
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