The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 18.6.1806

In letter of 3.12.1799, the Academy of Fine Arts had stated that the last sixth of Thorvaldsen’s six-year travelling scholarship was to be spent on his return journey to Denmark. This final portion of 400 rix-dollars, however, was not transferred to the Roman banker Domenico Lavaggi until October 1801, see letter of 4.10.1801. So Thorvaldsen here asserts that, in spite of a shortage of money and no plans for an immediate return to Denmark, he still had not withdrawn the money from the banker.
There is some indication that Thorvaldsen did not get the money until 1822, when he asked Peder Malling to withdraw the money on his behalf in Copenhagen, see letter of “15.10.1822”:/dokumenter/m71822,nr.56.

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