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Comment on 18.6.1806

After the battle of Austerlitz 2.12.1805 and the subsequent peace with Austria in Pressburg / Bratislava 25.12.1805, Napoleon was even more powerful in Italy. The country had already been proclaimed a kingdom with Napoleon as King and Empress Josephine’s son Eugène de Beauharnais as Viceroy. The Pope and the Papal States were under French suzerainty. In the spring of 1806, Napoleon’s brother Joseph was appointed King of Naples; one of his sisters Elisa Baciocchi got Lucca; the other sister Pauline Borghese and her husband Prince Camillo Borghese got Guastalla. Several of Napoleon’s generals “were endowed with” small Italian duchies.
Regarding the French ravages in Italy, see also C.F. Høyer’s letter of 18.6.1806.

Last updated 07.08.2015