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Comment on 13.2.1797

Under Captain Fisker the Thetis was on a dual mission: One was to escort the annual “presentskib” (a ship with tributary gifts) to Algiers, and the other was to negotiate peace with the Pasha of Tripoli, see the related article about the Thetis.
The frigate reacehd Algiers 16.10.1796.
In the company of members of the crew, Thorvaldsen went ashore in Tripoli 15.11.1796. The experience was recorded in the diary of the chaplain of the Thetis, Peter Pavels. In one passage he describes his concern about being surrounded by ”the Moors and the Turks” as they are called, but he adds that though the desire to do so was great, “I would probably not have dared if Thorvaldsen had not insisted so earnestly.”
Pavels’ diary, the National Library, Oslo; published in English in Sørensen & Schirò, op.cit., p. 38-39.

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