This list of those to whom we owe expressions of gratitude will be regularly updated.

The Gradual Start of the Project

The publication of Thorvaldsen’s archive has been long in preparation, see The History of the Archives. The first steps towards the publication of the present digital version were taken in the 1990s.


Without both small and large contributions from cultural foundations, the Archive project would never have progressed from a brilliant idea to an absolutely concrete undertaking that has taken many years and required the services of several colleagues.


Invaluable ad hoc help

We warmly thank the following for their kind assistance in various matters:

Permission to publish

We would furthermore like to express our sincere thanks to the following institutions, archives, private collectors etc. for giving Thorvaldsens Museum the necessary permissions to publish documents in their possession:

Support for earlier projects

Apart from the foundations referred to previously, the above list only contains persons, institutions etc. that have provided support for the present publication project. For information on contributors who helped with earlier publications, see under Contributors.

Translation by Glyn Jones

Last updated 20.01.2020