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Nazarenes (Lukasbund)

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Franziska Caspers

Charlotte Thierry

Caspers had originally obtained a seat in a coach to go and visit her mother, but to her great an...


Franziska Caspers

Charlotte Thierry

Caspers is shocked by Thierry’s father’s severe illness, but she is pleased to hear that Thierry ...


Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom

Erik Gustaf Geijer

The orientation of the Nazarenes towards the past is explained in terms of a speculative German n...


J.F. Schouw

J.P. With

The commentary to this document is not available at the moment.


Franziska Caspers

Charlotte Thierry

Thorvaldsen has guided Caspers through the Vatican museum by torchlight. She admires his inspirin...


Peder Brønnum Scavenius

Peder Brønnum Scavenius

Scavenius saw an exhibition of works by Scandinavian artists in the Palazzo Caffarelli in Rome, w...

1826-1827 (1876)

N.C.L. Abrahams


Abrahams’ recollections of his stay in Rome 1826-27.


Ludvig Müller

Christian 8.

Müller sends a report to Christian 8. on Danish artists in Rome. He gives a detailed description ...