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Ugu Peretti Efter 1797 [+]

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Dateringsbegrundelsen er under udarbejdelse.

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The poem draws a parallel between Napoleon I’s achievements and those of Julius Caesar. Just as Caesar gave his people “supreme peace”, “was doubly victorious” and gained the praise of the people, so Napoleon. The only thing that Napoleon does not have is an enemy among those closest to him – he has no Brutus.

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Cesare come te Suprema pace

Diede alla terra che di Sangue tinse
Cesare [come] te vincendo estinse
[Quello] che fomentò guerriera face

Cesare come te nell’Armi audace

Questi al trono inalzò, questi respinse
Cesare come te doppio che vinse
Stese al primo poter la man sagace

Cesare come te carco d’allori

Idolo tutelar riconosciuto
Diede leggi del mondo ai vincitori

Cesare al fin dal general tributo

Ottenne come te palm’ed onori
Non manc’à farti Cesare che Bruto

General Comment

Kendt digt om Napoleon, hvor han sammenlignes med Cæsar. Den her gengivne version afviger i ganske få detaljer fra en anden version.

Archival Reference
m33, nr. 74
Napoleon 1.
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