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Charles Monck [+]

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23.11.1831 [+]

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Dateringen fremgår af brevet.


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1831 Tuesday 23 November

I went to Thorwaldsen’s studio. The triumph of Alexander is a composition of great merit, but on the whole I thought his style wanting. – a wrought cast in terra cotta of reduced size of Thorwaldsen’s triumph I find on enquiry may be had for 200 pounds. There was a large chimney piece ready made and not upon order of white marble ornamented with sculpture in bas-relief price £150 – we could not have such in England for such a price.

General Comment

Uddraget er fra Charles Moncks rejsedagbog og der citeres kun de dele, som vedrører/omhandler Thorvaldsen. Uddraget er afskrevet med enkelte ortografiske rettelser og venligt stillet til rådighed af Eric Forster.

Archival Reference
Northumberland Archives, ZM1 B52/3/2 p201.
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