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John Gibson [+]

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2.1.1836 [+]

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Dateringen fremgår af brevet.

Edward Bulwer Lytton [+]

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Gibson wonders that John Lough neither visits other sculptors’ workshops nor receives visits in his own. He has not even accepted an offer to meet “the foremost sculptor of the age”, Thorvaldsen. Gibson never models a work without consulting Thorvaldsen and others and profits greatly from it.

[...] Mr [John] Lough has also his own peculiar notions on this subject and has been here a year or so working with great rapidity without having seen a single studio nor will he allow any artist to enter his place so that he goes on entirely alone. A gentleman here to whom he had brought a letter of introduction too, told me that he offered to make him known to Thorvaldsen, thinking that Mr L might wish to consult the first sculptor of the age on his profession. Lough said, No Sir I never invited …. to my studio – now this is so contrary to the custom at Rome – some of the artists of different nations here visit each other’s studio – consult with one another there on what they do. I never model a work without consulting Thorvaldsen and others and have always found great benefit from this practice – it is combining together to advance art – where art is a mere trade this is not the practice. [...]

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Af brevet citeres kun de dele, som vedrører/omhandler Thorvaldsen. Brevet er afskrevet med enkelte ortografiske rettelser og venligt stillet til rådighed af Eric Forster.

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The Lytton Archive, Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies, DE/K/C3/114.
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