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Paolo Tosio 2.2.1828 [+]

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Dateringen fremgår af dokumentet.

Paolo Tosio

Folder containing documents concerning, among other things, Democrito Gandolfi and his marble
version of Thorvaldsen’s sculpture Cupid with the Lyre, cf. A786, which Tosio bought in 1828.

N. 7

Democrito Gandolfi

Genio della Musica

Puttino in Marmo
Pagato il 2 Febbraio 1828
con Auste £ 830.75

Archival Reference
Archivio di Stato di Brescia, fondo Avogadro del Giglio – Tosio, busta 54, fascicolo 2.
Ikke omtalt hos Thiele.
Statues, Allegories · Statues, Classical Mythology · Thorvaldsen's Works, not at Thorvaldsens Museum
Democrito Gandolfi · Bertel Thorvaldsen
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