The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 6.8.1804

It is not known what portfolio Thorvaldsen is referring to here. It was sent in one of the crates that were transported on board the frigate Triton from Leghorn to Copenhagen in 1802 and were mentioned in Thorvaldsen’s letter of 4.4.1800. The portfolio had been given to Friedrich Münter by mistake, but it was intended for Jørgen West. It appears from a later letter of 19.10.1805 that the portfolio had ended up with Münter’s sister Friederike Brun, who gave it to Jørgen West at Abildgaard’s request.
If Thorvaldsen here asks Abildgaard to receive the portfolio, he was apparently intended to act as an intermediary. In his letter of
11.3.1803, West mentioned that he had not received anything from Thorvaldsen at that time.

Last updated 10.06.2015