The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1793

Not later than 1793

Models a portrait of the painter Nicolaus Wolff. Whether a medaillon or a bust is unknown.

Primary sources

  • Just Mathias Thiele: Den danske Billedhugger Bertel Thorvaldsen og hans Værker, Part One, Copenhagen 1831, p. 148-149, note 18. In 1831 the portrait still existed in a private collection in Copenhagen, ibid.

Other references

  • Else Kai Sass: Thorvaldsens Portrætbuster, Copenhagen 1963-65, Vol. I, p. 25-26 (Wolff left for Germany in mid-January 1793, so the portrait must have been made before that time, ibid, and Vol. III, p. 122, note 128).

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