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Back to 1836


Celebrates his Roman birthday at the house of the Puggaard family in Rome with tableaux inspired by his own and Raphael’s works and arranged by Ferdinand Flor. Song by Heinrich Jakob Fried. Music with lyrics by Scipione Barberi. The text for a song by Henrik Hertz for the same date suggests that a party was held in Denmark that same evening.

Primary sources

  • Song dated 8.3.1836 from Scipione Barberi to Thorvaldsen.
  • Song dated 8.3.1836 from Heinrich Jakob Fried to Thorvaldsen.
  • H.J. Fried: Epheuranken, Vol. 1, Landau 1840, p. 270-273 (states that the birthday party took place at the Puggaard family residence in Rome).
  • Marianne Saabye: ‘Puggaardske studier’, in: Meddelelser fra Thorvaldsens Museum 1978, p. 90-92.

Other references

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