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Charles Robert Cockerell [+]



3.4.1840 [+]


Dateringen fremgår af brevet

Bertel Thorvaldsen [+]




Ingen udskrift.


Cockerell mindes sit møde med Thorvaldsen i Rom for 23 år siden og glæder sig over Thorvaldsens succes og berømmelse. Deres fælles ven Brøndsted har lovet at bringe brevet til Thorvaldsen.

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Bank of England 3 april 1840.

My dear Chevalier.

There are now 23 years since in Rome I received from you many tokens of regard & kindness, which I can never forget. During this long period I have watched with great interest the recognition throughout Europe, of that reputation, which had been long before appriciated by your friends. & finaly after enriching by this reputation, & by the splendid dedication of your works [to] your native country, you have been received there, in a way which has reverted the adage, as which respects the Prophet in his own Land.
But what has also especialy excited my own admiration & esteem, is the fidelity & singleness with which you have devoted yourself to the great cause of art – the cause according to our masters the Greeks, of the good as well as the beautiful – the Tukalor[?], equaly significant of both. Your conduct no less than your talents have given credit to that cause, & call for the respect of all society as more especialy of artists. I rejoice to hear that health & wealth have accompanied this happy work of yours, & I have not despair of once again shaking your worthy & your able hand. If you come amongst us you will find many of your own works, & the Elgin marbles worth the trouble & many of our brotherhood who know your value.
Our dear Brondsted promises to convey you these lines with every expression of respect & admiration, & every hope for the long continuance of that fame & happiness which you have so hardly earned & so richly deserve.
& I remain Ever
My Dear Chevalier

Your attached & admiring Friend
C.R. Cockerell.

Your drawing of Chiron & Achilles is now before me.

m23 1840, nr. 10
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