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Board of Trustees for Manufactures in Scotland [+]




Stort rødt laksegl med initialerne “JS” (formentlig for den skrivende sekretær, James Skene) samt et utydeligt motiv herover.
Poststemplet: PAID [xx] EDINB / E / OCT 26 / 1836; B / PAID / 29 OCT[X] / 1836; 29 / OCT / 1836; PONT / BEA[VO]ISIN / CO[RRISPONDENZA] ESTERA DA GENOVA; samt endlig ved ankomsten til Rom: ROMA / 10 / NOV / 1836.

24.10.1836 [+]


Dateringen fremgår af brevet.

Bertel Thorvaldsen [+]




Udskrift: Al Nobil Signore / Il Signor Cavaliere Thorwaldsen / Roma / via Paves
Tilskrift: Al Signor Cavalier Thorwaldsen / Roma


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Office of the Board of Trustees
for Manufactures in Scotland
Edinburgh 24 oct 1836

Monsieur le Chevallier

Give me leave on the part of the Honorable The Board of Trustees to express to you their high sense of Your obliging attention in superintending personally (as they are informed) the execution of the very perfect Cast which has just arrived in Edinburgh in safety, of Your most admirable work representing “The Triumph of Alexander” – It is about to be placed in the Gallery of Casts belonging to the Board with every advantage in point of position; and surrounded as it will be by an extensive collection of the finest specimens of antient art, the Board are satisfied that no one can contemplate the truly classical invention, as well as the perfect skill and taste of your great performance, without feeling how just a title you have to be thus associated with the great artists of antiquity.

The Board have been anxious to confine this collection to the very finest works of art, and they have now the satisfaction to think that it far exeeds any collection of the kind in Great Britain, and that even on the continent there are very few to be compared to it in extent or value; they trust therefore that should you ever have occasion to visit this northern quarter of the world, that you will find the Collction worthy of the contribution you have made towards its perfection.

I have the honor to be
Monsieur le Chevallier,
Your most obedient Servant
James Skene
Secretary Board of Trustees

m21 1836, nr. 57
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