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Herman Thorn [+]


Baden Baden


Gråt segl.

20.8.1834 [+]


Dateringen fremgår af brevet.

Bertel Thorvaldsen [+]




Tilskrift: To / The Baron Thorwalsden / Rome
Udskrift: Monsieur / Monsieur le Bar’. Torwalsden / Rome


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Baden Baden 20 Augt 1834

My dear Sir

From the specimen of the talent of Mr. Meyer at your gallery of paintings, and the favourable opinion you kindly expressed of him, I was induced to give him an order for three paintings vizl. 2. Copies, or similar, and as valuable as the two you have of his work, one, he had commenced of less size, I think a monk instructing a youth – They were to be submitted to you early in September for your approval, when Messr Torlonia & Co will pay five hundred Dollars for them according to my engagement, but not unless you deem them in all respects equal to yours in value – The Statuary Mr Heley has in hand for me I trust in progressing, and I am sure that it will merrit my approbation when finished
I beg you will pardon the liberty I have taken, and be assured of my sincere respect and esteem

I have the honor
to be

Dear Sir
Most faithfully
Your obedient
Humble Servt.
Herman Thorn

m19 1834, nr. 48
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