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Arkivet, Thorvaldsens Museum

No. 5840 af 10318
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John Gibson [+]



4.4.1832 [+]


Dateringen fremgår af brevet.

Edward Rogers [+]




Kommentarerne til dette brev er under udarbejdelse.

4th April 1832 Rome

Dear Sir,
I have to apologise to you for being so long in executing the commission of the cameos for you. In this department the artists are much employed and it is difficult to get works out of their hands. I have now the pleasure to inform you that they are done and on their way to London and are sent by land – so that you will have them soon after this letter. I consigned them to Mr Freeborn who sends them to his agents Messr Bingham Richards and Co, London. Those gentlemen are requested to send them on to you to Liverpool. When you receive them I should be glad to hear from you.

As a particular favour I got Signor Dies to cut for me the ‘Flora’ and the head of a ‘Flora’ – for four you have two heads.

          Scudi Pauli  
Those by Signore Dies are Minerva cost 12 12      
    Medusa   12 12    
  Perseus   12 12      
    Flora     8 8  
    Nymph   8 8    
by Zaccagnini Arethusa     8      
    Isis     8    
by Saulini   Ear-rings     13    
    Night and Day   8      
          94 2 is the value of £20

As I could get no more subjects of heads to please me I spent the rest of the money in a pair of earrings and a small ‘Night and Day’ after Thorvaldsen. The two heads for yourself are in the small square green cases. I should like my friend Mrs Lawrence to see them if it should not be inconvenient to you. I do not know what you will have to pay for the carriage but I insured them from Rome to London for which you will have to pay five crowns. I have sent to the committee two models for the statue of Mr Huskisson which models I suppose must have arrived by this time and I expect to hear the decision of the committee soon. [...]

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Af brevet citeres kun de dele, som vedrører/omhandler Thorvaldsen. Brevet er afskrevet med enkelte ortografiske rettelser og venligt stillet til rådighed af Eric Forster.

Department of Manuscripts, British Library, ADD37-951.
Tommaso Saulini · Bertel Thorvaldsen
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