The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Documents in which Frederike Dorothea Hammer is mentioned


Peter Hanning Hammer

Bertel Thorvaldsen

Peter Hanning Hammer is grateful for his friendship with Thorvaldsen. He mentions that Bernhoft h...


Mathias Henrichsen

Bertel Thorvaldsen

Mathias Henrichsen sends his regards and reports on friends in Copenhagen. He hopes to become a t...


Jørgen West

Bertel Thorvaldsen

Jørgen West asks what to do about the bust of Tyge Rothe, A225, which is in the care of Nicolai A...


Gotskalk Thorvaldsen

Bertel Thorvaldsen

Gotskalk Thorvaldsen takes leave of his son and apologizes for his last letter. He writes that he...