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Carolina Lockhart [+]

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Rødt laksegl med utydeligt aftryk.

17.3.1825 [+]

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Dateringen er usikker, begrundelsen er under udarbejdelse.

Bertel Thorvaldsen [+]

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Udskrift: All’Illmo. Sige. Il Sige. Cave: Torwaldson. 46. Via Sistina.


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Carolina Lockhart prega il Sigr. Cavaliere Torwaldson favorire in sua Casa nella sera di sabato prossimo /19. Marzo/ ove vi sarà una piccola società di musica alle ore 8.
17. Piazza delle Cornacchie.

Giovedi Mattina.

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gmVII, nr. 9
Invitations for Thorvaldsen, in Italy · Thorvaldsen and Music
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