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NN Antagelig efter 1800 [+]

Dating based on

Dateringen fremgår af brevet.

NN [+]

Information on recipient

Ingen udskrift.


The commentary for this letter is not available at the moment.

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Hcce Homo
Guido Reni pinx[it]. D[omenico]. del Frate del[ineavit]. Pietro Fontana inc[idit].
L’originale, e andato a Londra
Cristo Al Sepolcro
Guercino Pinx[it]. Stefano Toffanelli del[ineavit]. Pietro Fontana inc[idit].
L’originale esiste nella galleria del Sig[nor]. Giovanni Gherardo de Rossi

Archival Reference
gmV, nr. 119
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