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Eliza Mary Shaw Stewart [+]

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Tidligst 1837 [+]

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Kun dag og måned fremgår af brevet. Året er sandsynligvis tidligst 28.3.1837, da brevskriverens omtaler sin mand, Michael Shaw Stewart i datid, som om han er død. Han døde 19.12.1836.

Alexander Hamilton Douglas [+]

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Shaw Stewart encloses a receipt with Thorvaldsen’s signature. She invites Hamilton to come to Ardgowan and see Cupid with his Bow, cf. A819.

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Dear Mr Hamilton

Shortly after you called upon me one of my family became very unwell which occupied my thoughts a good deal, but he being now perfectly well I have remembered your wish to possess an autograph of Thorwaldsen. If you should shortly receive one from Norway or Denmark I sh.d be very glad indeed to have the enclosed back for it is rather an effort to me to part with it. Mr Knudtzon suggested the asking his friend to give a receipt & we stood by him in his studio while he wrote it. In case, by any chance, your friend who is collecting may meet with poor Lord Stuart & ask him about the statue I mention that the Purchaser was my Husband Sir Michael Shaw Stewart, & that the “Amorino” is at Ardgowan, Greenock where I wish you w.d Come & see it.

Believe me
Ys very truly
EM Shaw Stewart

Belgrave Sqre
March 28

General Comment

Modtageren af dette brev er ikke sikkert identificeret. Alexander Douglas Hamilton er foreslået pga. sin skotske baggrund.

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Privateje, England
Ikke omtalt hos Thiele.
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  • THM journalsag nr. 2014-0267432 (om brevets ejerskab pr. 2015).

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