The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on Jason and the Hope Commission

Cited following Walser-Wilhelm, op. cit., vol. IX/I, p. 411: “…Our countryman Thorwaldsen—a resolute genius for sculpting heroes—his Jason, of which he had completed a model of one-and-a-half times life-size, [and which] he had once destroyed, because it was too large for kiln-baking [and because] he had no money to have it cast—this he now rebuilt in 4 days—full of spirit, force, and motion—a beautiful head, hair [and] ears, standing firm on its feet (which “Canova’s” heroes never do, [and] the new ones only rarely)…” This translation follows the Danish translation of Louis Bobé in Frederikke Brun, født Münter, og hendes Kreds hjemme og ude [Frederikke Brun, née Münter, and Her Circle at Home and About], Copenhagen 1910, p. 184.

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