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Comment on Omkring 1.2.1804

Thorvaldsen’s workshop on the corner of Vicolo della Cantena and Piazza Barberini, see the related article about Thorvaldsen’ Workshops.
During their stay in Rome from the autumn of 1802 to 12.6.1803, Friederike Brun and the Swiss author Karl Victor von Bonstetten visited Thorvaldsen’s workshop “dans un coin obscur du palais Barberini”, where they saw Jason with the Golden Fleece, A52, being carved, see Aimé Steinlen: ‘Charles-Victor de Bonstetten, étude biographique et littéraire’, in C.-A. Sainte-Beuve (ed.): Causeries du lundi, vol. 14, Paris 1858, p. 462-463.

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